Our financial services consist of a Seven-step process. The motive to our seven-step process is to ensure that the individual needs and requirements of each client are properly gauged and monitored. This process also enables our client to monitor the process, while at the same time requiring little of their valuable time.

The step-by-step process enables management to effectively monitor progress during the entire process, thereby ensuring maximum control and measurable impact. While this methodology is extremely effective, it is sufficiently flexible to accommodate individual requirements.



Specific requirements may result in taking more or less time than indicated; it is anticipated that it will take approximately 2-5 days of on-site work. Following this, typically it takes another 8-14 weeks for processing. The preceding schedule depends on a mutually agreeable timetable.

Each of these phases has a predetermined set of deliverables. They are as follows:
Step 1: Executive Briefing

The following are some of the key deliverables and action steps from the Executive Briefing session. These deliverables are key components that will be used as the foundation for the next phases.

• Summarize Son Management and its services
• Ask preliminary questions
• Identify key stakeholder
• Do a fit analysis to determine synergies

Step 2: Preliminary Consultation

During the preliminary consultation, a team of specialists is identified from our national roster. They perform a two-way analysis with key management to determine the best course of success.

• Interview with key management
• Compare like organizations
• Explore obscure and complex areas in legislation

Step 3: Detailed Diagnostic Analysis

Working with the organization’s internal team for a limited time to uncover this information will be essential. The team then develops a strategy to effectively and efficiently compile the claim and start the process of recovery.

Step 4: Training

At this point, as a result of what we have determined from the Detailed Diagnostic, training is provided to your key staff who will be implementing new processes to capture all future savings.

Step 5: Recovery Facilitation

The facilitation of the claim recovery requires a specialized skill to ensure that the process is carried through to successful and hassle-free results.

Step 6: Final Report

A final report is completed, which summarizes the process and identifies the areas that were realized, including worksheets. It summarizes recommendations for best practices that the organization can implement to ensure it achieves optimal results in the future.

Step 7: On-Going Support

As a bonus, we provide two years of ongoing support for those who may have day-to-day questions about application of commodity tax laws.